Companies often overlook lighting & energy use as a significant source of savings, or think ordering a few LED light bulbs is all it takes. The truth is, most businesses could save significant time & money by implementing a good energy plan. 

Exclusive Energy Headquarters

Exclusive Energy, founded in Southern California, provides comprehensive lighting solutions to companies nationwide, reducing businesses’ energy consumption, decreasing overhead costs and ultimately increasing property values. We provide clients with the fastest path to their returns on investment by using the industry’s highest-quality energy-efficient products and by finding and submitting valuable energy rebate programs and tax incentives.  
Our qualified and proven team has decades of experience in the energy industry and is dedicated to providing clients with a simple and easy way to manage their lighting and electrical needs. We are a full-service energy-efficiency partner, managing commercial, retail, industrial, government, university and school campus projects of all sizes from design through completion. We take responsibility for the entire process by handling all planning, installation, contracts, warranties, rebates and maintenance. 
Exclusive Energy understands that selecting the right partner for your energy needs can mean a world of difference, and that’s why we take pride in our turnkey process and work, and allow you to remain focused on what is important—running your business.


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